Magic and Balloons

Providing entertainment for over 18 years!
Clients big and small for events of all types!
Fundraisers, grand openings, customer appreciation days, special events and so much more!



To show both our clients and entertainers that we are here to serve them!


Some of what Magic and Balloons offers:

  1. Limitless entertainment options.
  2. Entertainers of all skill levels and personalities.
  3. In-depth customer relations and a willingness to customize any event/occasion to a clients desired specifications.

Magic and Balloons believes in the principle of serving our clients and entertainers as we would like to be served. Magic and Balloons was founded by Joe Montella a skilled entertainer himself. Joe created Magic and Balloons 18 years ago. He created Magic and Balloons committed to serving his clients and entertainers! Joe has an extensive background in hospitality and customer service and believes every client should receive a memorable and amazing experience!


Magic and Balloons has provided entertainment for thousands of events over the years with an impeccable reputation that we are very proud of!


We have done this by following three basic principles for both our clients and entertainers.

  1. Providing quality service and entertainment and giving the client the best advice we can based on the conditions and limitations of the event!
  2. Being constantly open to our clients’ and entertainers’ suggestions to provide a better way to serve them!
  3. Maintaining a clear focus and attention to detail philosophy to ensure our clients’ and entertainers’ needs are handled with the highest regard to give them the greatest experience possible!



When someone needs entertainment for their event/occasion, they are limited to two choices:

  1. An agent who sells a service to an individual.
  2. A performer who sells a service to an individual.

There are positives and negatives to each option. Some positive aspects include the following:

  1. Performers understand things like crowd control, audience enjoyment, table turnover and the overall nature of making the event/occasion enjoyable.
  2. An agent will see to the smallest details and make sure the event/occasion goes off without a hitch.

Magic and Balloons has taken the positives of both agents and performers and subtracted the negatives. The development of Magic and Balloons came about through the experience and instruction of Joe Montella. Joe has traveled throughout the country entertaining audiences of all ages!

He has had clients from all walks of life and of all monetary abilities. Joe likes to tell people “Tell me your dream and let me make it a reality”!

Joe has himself created his own dream now having a brick and mortar magic shop Wacky Zack’s Magic for the last 9yrs! Joe believes that if you work hard you will achieve your dreams!

Joe focuses on superior customer service! With 20 years of performing experience and more than 25 years of customer service/sales experience, Joe guarantees the highest level of excellence for any event or occasion!


Whatever type of entertainment you may require, we are limitless in our ability!
If you can dream it we can do it!



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